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Keeping cool in the rising temperatures

After the last couple of months of miserable wet weather the sunshine we are experiencing in the south of England over the last week has been delighting everyone. However with the temperature soaring to 30 degrees today many people feel that it is just too hot, especially for babies, young children, people with medical conditions and the elderly.These sections of the community are more susceptible to heat stroke or heat exhaustion in the hot weather.

For anyone going abroad to a warmer climate we would always advise that you have the appropriate medical travel insurance policy which would cover you should you need medical assistance for heat stroke or exhaustion. We would also advise anyone either in the UK or travelling abroad to follow these guidelines to staying cool as the mercury rises:

Avoid any strenuous activities such during the hottest part of the day· Drink plenty of water even if you don’t feel thirsty· Limit alcohol as this can dehydrate you· Stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day. Eat small light meals more often and avoid foods that are high in protein as this will increase your metabolic heat. Run your wrists under a cold tap for 5 seconds every couple of hours, a main vein runs through this area and it will help cool your blood.

Avoid too much sun as sunburn slows the skins ability to cool it’s self. If you are going out in the sun were a hat and make sure you are using a sun screen of factor 15 or above. Wear loose-fitting light weight clothes in light colours to reflect the heat.

So enjoy the sunshine either at home or abroad, but please keep an eye on those who are less able to tolerate the hot weather and remind them to follow the advice above.

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