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Strike action may delay flights

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have warned, if you are travelling to Spain in the next couple of days you may experience delays as a result of strike action. Spain’s largest trade unions have called a 24 hour general strike from the 14th November. The strike will affect public transport within Spain and services at Spanish airports are likely to be severely disrupted. The strikes are part of the European day of action and solidarity again the austerity measures that have been put in place in various European countries, so there could be disruption and delays across much of Europe, not just Spain.

If you are delayed at the airport and have an Insurancewith travel insurance with medical conditions policy you will have cover under the delayed departure section, provided you bought the policy before the strike action was announced. The delayed departure section is designed to cover extra expenses such as food and drink after you have checked in and whilst you are waiting for your flight to depart, the policy pays a fixed benefit for every 12 hours you are delayed up to a maximum of £100.

If however the airline cancels your flight they are responsible to offer you a full refund or an alternative flight. As a precaution, we would encourage our medical conditions travel insurance customers to ensure they take extra supplies of any prescription medication they are taking, in case they are caught in this strike action over the next couple of days. There could be knock-on effects of the strike so check with your airline or tour operator for the latest information, so you can be fully prepared.

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