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Take a leaf out of the Queen’s book and avoid holiday upset stomachs

As some of our medical conditions travel insurance customers will know, an upset stomach can ruin a holiday, particularly if you have a medical condition that requires medication. This is because if you have a bout of sickness or diarrhoea you cannot be sure all your medication hasn’t been completely absorbed by your body.

It can be particularly problematic for our cancer travel insurance customers who have recently finished chemotherapy and have been prescribed prophylactic antibiotics to guard against infections taking hold whilst on holiday.

However, The Queen has now revealed how she manages to cope with travelling over 50,000 miles a year without falling ill, quite simply, she never eats salads, shellfish or watermelon. Considering that she travels to some of the World’s most inhospitable climates and never seems to miss a beat, this looks like very good advice to follow, whether you have a medical condition or not.


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