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Warning of holiday measles risk

Families going to Europe this summer are being warned to make sure their MMR vaccination are up to date after a huge rise in measles cases across Europe. The UK has one of the worst levels of uptake of the MMR vaccine in Europe according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) study, in some parts of the country only 59% of children have been vaccinated. This low level of uptake has been put down mainly to fears over links between the vaccine and autism, which has now largely been disproved.

In France according to the secretary of state Nora Berra, 3400 new cases of measles have been detected in the first quarter of 2011, this is compared to only 40 cases detected in the whole of 2007. Reported cases of measles are also increasing across other European countries. Unvaccinated or non immune travellers will be at risk if they are visiting countries reporting measles, therefore it is advisable that non immune children and adults should receive two doses of MMR vaccine at least one month apart before travelling to any effected area.

When travelling to Europe you must make sure to have an up to date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC),( see our previous blogs on EHIC and what is covered) and a travel insurance policy which is suitable for your needs.Remember if you have a medical condition you must declare this to your travel insurance provider as failure to do so could result in your claim being denied.

Insurancewith offer specialist travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions policies.

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