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Where is everyone going this Easter?

Well according to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), if it’s abroad then the majority of Brits travelling over the Easter weekend are off to Spain, with the Canary and Balearic Islands being the most popular destinations. Many of our medical travel insurance customers also choose the Spanish islands as a destination at this time of year because the temperatures are just starting to warm up nicely, but you don’t get to the unbearable high temperatures that can be experienced in July and August.

If you choose to stay in the UK, areas that are proving popular over Easter are Cornwall, Devon, the South Coast, Norfolk and Suffolk. The unusually high temperatures in the UK last week would have spurred many to stay in the UK for the Easter break.

It is worth remembering that regardless if you are holidaying at home or abroad, you should always make sure you have an appropriate travel insurance policy. Travel insurance has many benefits even if you are only holidaying in the UK, particularly if you have a medical condition and require travel insurance with medical conditions cover, I have covered this issue in more detail here.

If you have chosen to stay in the UK for Easter and the weather is terrible you can take some comfort in the knowledge that the airports will be packed. According to figures from ABTA the Easter break will see 370,000 passengers leave from Heathrow, 200,000 from Gatwick, 100,000 from Stansted and 65,000 from Luton.  From Scotland over 100,000 will be leaving via the airports with 45,000 from Glasgow, 55,000 from Edinburgh. And from the North and the Midlands, 105,000 will leave from Manchester and 45,000 from Birmingham. If you add to this the threat of strikes from Spanish air traffic controllers, give me a wet weekend in Bognor any time!


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