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Who left the lights on?

The Aurora Borealis, better known as The Northern Lights, will according to Nasa put on its best display in 50 years this winter. It is all down to the solar cycle, the Northern Lights are caused when material thrown off the surface of the sun collides with the atmosphere of the Earth. The emission of light from atoms is excited by electrons accelerated along the planet’s magnetic field lines.

You can actually see the Northern Lights anywhere across the aurora belt, which stretches across northern Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada and RussiaHowever, pre existing medical travel insurance customers looking for the place with the best chance to see the lights should go to Abisko, which is in Sweden’s part of Lapland, due to the height (3,835ft up) and low rainfall, this area gives the best conditions to see the full spectacle of the lights. However, bear in mind that the further north you go, the colder and darker it becomes. Although the Northern Lights are a spectacular display of nature at it’s finest, you don’t want to be spending your whole holiday watching the night sky with your fingers crossed, so holiday packages now tend to include winter sports packages during the day, and evening entertainment before the Aurora starts just after dinner.

The best news is that finding holidays to see this amazing spectacle are now more available than ever, with tour operators popping up across Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland and even Canada in a bid to cash in on the thing on most people’s bucket lists, and despite some of the higher costs and the cold climate, the lights are now at a peak of appearances, with the strength of their activity appearing in cycles, meaning more and more Arctic holidaymakers are seeing the sights.

Travel insurance for medical conditions customers who want to see this beautiful phenomenon cheaply and easily should travel to Iceland, where the best time for sightings are December and January.

If you decide to combine your trip to see the lights with some winter sports, remember to buy a specific winter sports travel insurance policy, which will give you additional cover such as mountain rescue and ski equipment cover.

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