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Would you take a cruise holiday after the Costa Concordia disaster?

Everyone was shocked and saddened to see the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia scuppered off the coast of Italy. It is normal after these accidents for people to voice their concerns about going on a cruise holiday due to concerns over safety standards on these mega-ships. However we would like to reassure our medical conditions travel insurance customers, that shocking as the scenes were, incidences of this nature are very rare. 

Cruises can be a fantastic way to see the world, and are particularly popular with travellers who have recently recovered from an illness or those who have an on-going medical condition. Most of these super luxury liners have exceptional on-board medical facilities, so if a medical situation should arise, help is close at hand. 
But remember this doesn’t mean you can travel without travel insurance and you must have a policy that covers your pre-existing medical condition. In fact you should look for a specific cruise travel insurance policy, which gives you additional cover such as ‘ship to shore’ repatriation and cabin confinement cover.  If you have a medical condition such as cancer or diabetes you should buy specific ‘cruise’ cancer travel insurance or travel insurance for diabetics to safeguard yourself from medical emergencies.
The cruise industry will see a knock-on effect from the Costa Concordia tragedy with many people avoiding cruise holidays, that is certain, but to keep it in perspective, we don’t all stop flying every time a plane crashes. It may put some people off for the short term, but confidence always returns.


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