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Cruise liner resumes route after fire leaves crew and passengers nearly stranded

A cruise liner with 1,008 passengers and crew on board was left stranded off the Isle of Mull in Scotland after an electrical fire rendered the ship almost helpless.

Luckily, the ship’s own crew was equipped and trained to deal with the problem, with help from the Scottish coastguard.

Saga Holidays kept their customers, friends and families updated through Twitter with the first statement released on Friday:

“There was a small electrical fire in the engine room on the Saga Sapphire at 10am on 16th May. This was quickly and professionally dealt with by the crew. The ship is currently anchored, in fine weather, off the Isle of Mull whilst the damaged electrical panel is repaired and tested. Our priority is always to make sure our passengers and crew are safe and well.”

The ship has since resumed its journey.

This isn’t the first time that the Saga Sapphire vessel has been in deep water with mechanical issues, with passengers on the ship in June of last year reporting that the boat had broken down just off the coast of Norway, when generators failed and repairs were attempted in the country’s famous cruise port of Trömsф.

In April, the ship reported problems during its maiden voyage which was abruptly cut short due to the failure of one of its engines. The vessel was in harbour at Valencia, Spain and the ship’s passengers had to be flown home.

When Saga bought and refitted the ship, originally named Bleu de France, in November 2010, no one was quite prepared for the amount of work needed on it. The vessel, meant to be Saga’s newest flagship, spent four months in Palermo, Sicily for an extensive refurbishment which was meant to include a total overhaul of the main engines and maintenance of the tailshaft, rudder and propellers.

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