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Go Pro captures the dramatic footage of cruise ship rescue

A helicopter carrying a versatile and powerful Go Pro camera has managed to capture footage of an emergency rescue team pulling a passenger on-board the Norwegian Cruise lines ship ‘Getaway’

The young male passenger started choking on a piece of meat and the fit became so severe that at one point he was reported to have stopped breathing altogether.

The Go Pro footage shows the daring rescue carried out by the emergency team at Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue. The Go Pro camera, which was attached to the helicopter managed to capture the entire scene, including the helicopter’s approach to the cruise ship, the medical evacuation of the passenger and the tense winching of the passenger on a gurney up to the helicopter, before they whisked him away to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

People watching the video will undoubtedly recognise the massive ship – mainly distinguishable by the huge painted face on the side – a recognisable and favourite characteristic of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships. The fire brigade begins to lower their ropes towards the reference points given below.

A matter of seconds later and the man is being airlifted out on a stretcher, whilst the flight medic on board the helicopter holds onto the side of the bed to secure it and stop it from swaying or moving.

Twenty seconds into the video footage, the whole manoeuvre seems to have been a huge success, and the patient is quickly airlifted to receive further medical treatment in Miami.

According to news sources, medical evacuation is a rare but necessary measure when cruise ship passengers fall ill on-board their vessel. Usually, ship to ship transfer facilitates the passenger, who is then taken to the nearest port on the itinerary to receive further medical treatment. In this case, ship to ship transfer was unavailable, so a medical evacuation by the fire and rescue team was carried out.

“The fire boat making its way out there felt that the seas were going to be too rough to do a ship-to-ship transfer of any patient,” said Lieutenant Chris McCory of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

The patient in question was taken straight to Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital and his current medical condition is unknown.

This is just one example of how important it is to have appropriate cruise travel insurance for your cruise. Medical evacuation by helicopter from your cruise ship can often cost upwards of £10,000 – and that’s just the cost of getting you to the hospital, excluding any further treatment. Medical travel insurance ensures that once you are on the road to recovery, you aren’t faced with any gigantic bills such as that. Travelling with a medical condition may seem expensive when you are first faced with a premium but in perspective it is a small price to pay for ensuring your safety.

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