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101 Things to do When You Survive Update: Greig’s Great American Adventure

If you’re new to our blog, we started sponsoring Greig in 2013 for his incredible ‘anti-bucket list’ 101 Things to do When You Survive . Since then, he’s travelled around Costa Rica, Ecuador,Bolivia, the Galapagos, Argentina and most of the rest of South America.

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Greig continues his journey around the world with a trip to North America. Whilst he was planning to see more of South America before he moved on, he was given the opportunity to take part in AngelRide, a unique athletic endurance experience that involves a 135-mile bike ride, over 2 days in support of Hole in the Wall’s Hospital Outreach Program, which helps children with terminal illnesses – something Greig couldn’t turn down. Incredibly, he raised over £2,000 for the organisation, overcame a huge physical challenge and inspired us all – anything is possible, even after cancer, operations and blood clots.

Here’s a video of Greig finishing, we’re so proud!:

After the AngelRide, Greig caught up with friends Dave and Jim, who arranged for them all on a dream road trip around the Western parts of the US. First stop was San Francisco, where Greig recovered first and foremost with plenty of sleep and food at Lori’s diner, but then managed to visit Alcatraz (where Greig purchased his first souvenir – a baseball), the Muir woods (home to the giant Redwood trees) and walked across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Yosemite National Park was next – renowned for its stunning natural beauty with overpowering granite cliffs, huge waterfalls, endless forests and the Giant Sequoia trees – they’re so big you can fit under the roots. Next on the itinerary was Zion Park and Death Valley, the hottest place on Earth and which sounds awful and miserable, but Greig found it to be beautiful, with sweeping landscapes, incredible sand dunes and a still silence he’d never experienced before.

Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon are some of the most iconic landscapes known to man, having been used in films and documentaries about the unique scenery since it became possible. Greig and the boys were lucky enough to stay the night inside the valley, watching the sunset and both the moon then the sun rise in the sky above the massive rock formations below – what an impressive sight.

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

We’re also really proud of Greig gaining a place on the ‘Happy List’ as a recognised ‘life enhancer’. The list is compiled by the Independent on Sunday newspaper of 100 people in the UK who make life better for others. Greig is humbled by the award, and we fully understand why he’s on there – inspiring others and giving them hope when they feel there might not be cause to is something that Greig doesn’t have to work hard at to accomplish. Well done Greig!

Our next 101 update will be our last for this leg of Greig’s trip as Greig is returning home to the UK on the 29th July, but when he starts up his travels again in mid-September, Insurancewith will be sponsoring him again. We will be following him on his new adventures with new blog posts and updates for you soon.

Posted on: Jun 26, 2014

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