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Brexit FAQ

Brexit, it’s a topic which continues to dominate discussions, with everyone wondering what’s going on and how they’ll be affected. Travel is no exception, and we understand that concerns for our customers around holidays in the EU could be making their 2019 travel plans anything but relaxing. We want to help set your minds at ease by answering some of your Travel-Brexit queries.

Will my EHIC still be valid post-Brexit?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is an essential when going on holiday. It assists those who require emergency medical treatment in a public facility anywhere within the EU. There is a possibility that, if negotiations are unsuccessful, it could result in the EHIC no longer being valid post-Brexit.

This, of course will cause uproar with 82% of travellers in agreement that the EHIC would have to be reinstated or  their welfare will be put at risk (Source: Travel Insurance Explained). If the EHIC is discontinued, we’re confident that a similar new agreement will be reached between our governments. If not, travel insurance prices may increase slightly, to compensate for increased EU medical bills. If this happens, at Insurancewith we will continue to keep price increases to an absolute minimum wherever possible.

If my flight is delayed am I entitled to compensation?

Occasionally a flight is delayed due to rare circumstances such as, hazardous weather conditions or complications with air traffic control. In these instances, you would not be entitled to any compensation from your airline, even now. If the delay is unrelated to these situations then you are eligible to claim compensation of up to €600 from the airline as part of the European passengers’ rights rules. The amount you would be entitled to is subjective to how long you were delayed and the flight duration. The good news is post-Brexit this right to entitlement will still be valid, however the amount of compensation accessible may decrease.

If you’ve checked in on time, and your flight is either delayed or cancelled, you could be eligible to claim under your Insurancewith travel insurance policy. We offer compensation from £20-£300 if your flight is delayed by 12 hours or more, so be sure to look at all our policies available if you want a higher level of cover.

Will my airline fly post-Brexit?

As it currently stands, there is an ‘open skies’ agreement which allows planes the freedom to travel throughout the EU. It is unclear whether this agreement will stand after 29th of march 2019, as no formal agreement has been publicised as of yet. However, we will endeavour to keep you updated as plans are revealed. Airline bosses are of course hopeful that Brexit will bring about minimal disruption, but are planning for any eventuality.

If you purchase, or have already purchased, a plane ticket and your flight cannot take off post-Brexit you will be eligible for a full refund from the airline. If you’ve booked a package holiday you will be eligible for a full refund or transfer of your entire holiday, but if you’ve booked each part of your holiday independently, you won’t be able to claim for the costs of things like  accommodation and coach/ car transfers.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that planes will be unable to take-off post-Brexit, so try not to worry too much. It’s just worth bearing in mind, so you can become well versed of your rights as a passenger if disruption was to occur.

Do I need travel insurance post-Brexit?

No matter where you visit in the world, travel insurance is a must. It provides you with security against a number of eventualities, such as not being able to go on your trip, returning home early or becoming unwell, plus much more.

If you’re concerned that your package holiday provider may stop trading due to Brexit, then make sure you choose a travel insurance policy which offers ‘end supplier failure’ or ‘financial failure’ cover, this may come as standard or may require an extension.

No two policies are the same, they all offer different levels of cover, so make sure you do your research and find a policy that meets all your travel insurance needs.


If you have any passport concerns, we recommend using this passport checker tool. It will notify you as to whether or not you have enough time left on your passport to be able to travel to Europe Post-Brexit.

*For more information on Brexit we recommend visiting Gov UK.

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