Greig’s Story

Greig is one of those people that can carry a conversation that is both engaging and inspiring. At 37, he’s beaten cancer twice, only has one kidney, half a bowel, deep vein thrombosis, and has fought off PTSD, and to top it all off, he’s just finished travelling the world.

Greig started an initiative called ‘101 Things To Do When You Survive’ aiming to share stories of inspirational people doing amazing things in amazing places, to help offer ideas of things that people can look forward to doing now or when their situation improves. From personal experience, Greig found that having things to look forward to and proactively working towards them was essential to him surviving cancer and the psychological effects that came with it, so showing people that had had any kind of diagnosis that it was possible to not just survive, but to thrive, was what 101 evolved into.

Having created the so-called ‘anti-bucket list’, Greig travelled the world, visiting North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and most of East Asia, ticking things off his list as he went. So far, he’s ticked off fifty things, and has fifty-one vacancies left open for suggestions from his now global following.

Highlights include:

Having searched the Macmillan website and called a list of specialist travel insurance providers, Insurancewith were the only company that could provide Greig with worldwide cover for his trip.

“Because of Insurancewith, I was able to get full, affordable travel insurance to travel the world, despite having one kidney, half a bowel, deep vein thrombosis and being in remission for my second type of cancer. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that they exist.”

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