Insurancewith Out and About

The beginning of the year always brings around new plans, and more events and this year we have been busier than ever!

We started off on a frosty Monday morning in Windsor, helping the Berkshire Macmillan team with their pilot Living Beyond Cancer Day. Pilot schemes like this really help those currently going through or who have gone through a cancer diagnosis with getting life back to normal.

With talks on nutrition, clinical psychology, mindfulness, returning to work and sleep and fatigue management, there was enough to fill the whole day – and enough tea and coffee to fuel everyone!

The patient speakers also allowed the delegates an insight into other people’s situations, and it was great to see and be part of a network of support that spoke openly about the cancer experience.

Insurancewith were there to inform people about travelling after a cancer diagnosis, and what you can do to keep travel insurance costs down. But we also met so many great people with their own story to tell, and it was good to have some feedback from the very people that we aim to provide with just travel cover.

You can leave your own feedback for Insurancewith here.

More recently, we’ve attended the Future Dreams Live event hosted by the Breast Cancer Haven. As £1 from every single Insurancewith policy gets contributed towards the Breast Cancer Haven, seeing the effect these donations have on people’s lives.

We finally met the wonderful Fiona from the company Sparkle Through Chemo. Fiona is a beauty therapist, but was just 25 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Much like our own founders, Fiona spotted that there was a service needed to provide those going through cancer treatment with beauty therapy of their own. Many services at the time advised against treatments and actually, this is when she felt she needed pampering the most. Fiona doesn’t just provide beauty treatments, she’s also created a brilliant online community of people communicating and sharing ideas and answering each other’s questions, all within a supportive environment. You can see more of what she does here.


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