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Large Scale Events Travel Extension

On top of our specialist cover for your medical conditions, our “Large Scale Events extension” gives you an extra layer of protection for when something unusual threatens to ruin your travel plans.

Not every policy covers extraordinary events, so our “Large Scale Events Extension” covers you for cancellation of your trip, trip delay, missed departure, missed connection, cutting short your trip and substitute accommodation if any of the below happen:

  • A terrorism event. (excluding cyber terrorism & attacks which involve chemical, nuclear or biological devices)
  • A natural catastrophe
  • The presence of unauthorised, unmanned aircraft
  • Air traffic control restrictions including airspace closure
  • An event occurring at your departure point that causes its closure or evacuation
  • Failure of air traffic control or airport computer systems

Select this cover, and you’ll be protecting your holiday from a wide range of events that you wouldn’t normally have cover for, allowing you to travel and relax knowing that we’ve got you covered.

We consider a “natural catastrophe” to be any of the following “volcanic eruptions, volcanic ash, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones, flooding of more than 50 square km, wildfire of more than 50 square km”.

If your holiday has been affected by an event that has been declared a terrorist attack by the country it occurred in, then you have protection under this extension, except for the following situations:

  • Any cyber terrorism events.
  • Any terrorism event which involves chemical, nuclear or biological devices.

This will depend upon the type of policy that you have chosen, as an extension simply enhances the base cover you already have by protecting you form cancellation and curtailment caused by rare events. To find out the cover that is available, you would need to refer to your policy wording.

Yes, this extension would cover volcanic eruptions or volcanic ash, as we class them as “natural catastrophes”.

No, this extension does not provide cover for trip disruption that is related to COVID-19.

Yes, these are considered to be natural catastrophes, as defined in the policy wording and would be covered.

Insurancewith understand the importance of getting full cover when you’re on holiday. Whether you have a medical condition or are just looking to protect yourself while you’re away, our policies will give you the peace of mind to go out and enjoy your holiday properly.

We specialise in providing a fair price to travellers with medical conditions. That’s achievable thanks to our fantastic screening process, which takes a series of factors into account to evaluate how much your cover will cost.

Why choose Insurancewith?

Our common-sense approach to medical travel cover has been recognised by industry peers and customers alike. We want to make it easier for more people to travel. Many of those we’ve helped talk about how they’d almost given up with the idea of getting away. We understand that getting away and knowing you’re protected should something unexpected occur is really important to ensuring your holiday is as relaxing as possible


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¹ Based upon Trustpilot data from December, 2022

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