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Diabetes drugs do not increase risk of bladder cancer

For years, healthcare experts have believed that there was a small risk of developing bladder cancer when patients use the diabetes drug ‘pioglitazone’, based on several studies using both animal and human participants. However, new research has revealed that there is actually no link between this medication for diabetic patients and bladder cancer. Read more

‘Anti-camouflage’ drug marks exciting bladder cancer breakthrough

Research recently published in medical journal Nature has detailed how a new treatment strips cancer cells of the camouflage they use to disguise themselves as healthy cells in order to ‘trick’ the body’s immune system, will help cancer patients in their fight against the disease. Read more

Premier League footballers support bladder cancer campaign

Often, conditions like bladder cancer and kidney cancer aren’t diagnosed until later because the symptoms are stigmatised and ‘taboo’ amongst patients. Read more

New drug blocks bladder cancer gene

The bodily protein known as ‘Ral’ drives tumour growth and the spread of cancer from one part of the body to another. Unfortunately, currently there is no drug which can block its activity. Read more

Newly-identified protein could ‘soften’ bladder cancer tumours

A research team based at the University of Manchester, and funded by the Medical Research Council, have found and identified a protein which could help doctors decide which patients would benefit most from a pre-treatment to radiotherapy. Read more

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