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Coronavirus FAQs

If you’re an Insurancewith customer who is concerned about Coronavirus (COVID -19) and how it may affect you or your travel plans, we’ve compiled your frequently asked questions into one handy place:

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Meet Jo

As someone who had primary breast cancer and then diagnosed with secondary incurable breast cancer, I wanted to show my support for this campaign as Fiona and her team have helped me every time I have been away on holiday.

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Important Information for customers about Thomas Cook

Following the news that Thomas Cook has gone into administration, we here at Insurancewith would like to clarify what is available to policyholders:

I have booked with Thomas Cook – what should I do to get my money back?

If you have booked a package holiday (flight and accommodation) through Thomas Cook then you will be protected by ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence). Please check your documents to see if you have an ATOL certificate

  • If you have not travelled yet

You will be entitled to a full refund of any money you have paid to Thomas Cook. You should contact the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in order to obtain more information on this. You can get more advice on how to make an ATOL claim by clicking here or calling the CAA on 0330 303 2800 from the UK or +44 1753 330 330 from overseas. 

  • If you are on holiday already

The CAA has made arrangements to ensure everyone can continue their holiday, and return on (very close to) their planned return date. For more information on how the CAA can help you, click here or call on 0330 303 2800 from the UK or +44 1753 330 330 from overseas. 

What if I have only purchased flights with Thomas Cook?

If you booked your flights directly with Thomas Cook then you may have protection under the ATOL scheme. Please check your documents to see if you have an ATOL certificate.

If you do have a certificate, then the CAA will provide refunds or assistance as described above.

What if I bought my Thomas Cook flights through someone else?

If any bought your flights from another tour operator, travel agent or flight agency, as part of a package arrangement you may also have some protection under either ATOL or the Package Travel Regulations. You should check you documents carefully to see what protection you might have, and you should contact your provider accordingly.

What happens if my holiday arrangements did not form part of a package?

If you have purchased your flight and accommodation arrangements separately, you will not be covered by either the ATOL or Package Travel Regulations, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other steps you can take, please read on.

So how can I get my money back?

Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974, if you purchase anything on your credit card between £100-£30,000, (including your package holiday) you are protected.

Even if you paid only a small deposit for your trip and the rest of the payment was through other means, you will still be protected under section 75.

Section 75 allows you to claim compensation from your credit card provider when companies you have purchased services from go bust, including tour operators and travel agents.

So, you should contact your credit card company directly if you bought your tickets using your credit card.

What should I do if I paid by debit card?

If you have paid on a credit card or debit card and the booking cost less than £100, try chargeback. The chargeback scheme isn’t a legal requirement, it is just a customer service promise, but it is worth trying. For more information, click here.

I have travel insurance, can I claim?

Travel insurance policies, generally, do not provide cover if you are unable to go on your trip, or if you have to cut your trip short, due to the financial failure of any tour operator, travel agent, transport or accommodation provider.

This cover is usually provided under sections called Scheduled Airline Failure or End Supplier Failure, and may be included in your policy, or available as an optional extra for which you must pay an additional premium. You should check your policy documents carefully to see if you have this cover. (Insurancewith customers should read the section below)

If your policy does not specifically mention these sections then it is unlikely that you will be able to claim under your travel insurance policy.

If your policy does mention these sections, then you must be aware of the following:

  • Neither section provides cover for repayment of a package holiday.
  • You will only be able to claim for your Thomas Cook Flights if you are not able to claim compensation by any other means.
  • Neither section will provide cover for any additional aspect of your holiday that you have been unable to use. For example, if you cannot reach you accommodation.
  • Customer who have purchased a travel insurance policy for their trip should check their specific policy wording for more information on what is and isn’t covered.

I have an Insurancewith policy

If you have purchased one of the following Insurancewith policies, you will have cover for ‘End Supplier Failure’ which is provided by International Passenger Protection (IPP) included as standard on your policy. If you have tried all the other options outlined above and have been unsuccessful in your claim, please contact IPP. Information on how to do this can be found here

Insurancewith Sapphire Single Trip or Multi Trip

Insurancewith Platinum Single Trip or Multi Trip

I have an Insurancewith policy, but it doesn’t have the End Suppler Failure section.

We are sorry that you cannot make a claim on your policy, however we can try to help you as follows:

If you have been offered alternative travel dates, or travel arrangements, we are happy for you to change the dates of cover at no additional premium unless there is a change in duration or cover requested. Therefore, if you are now looking to travel to a different country, or for a longer duration, you will have to pay an additional premium.

If you have not been able to re-arrange your trip and can no longer travel:

If you purchased a single trip policy, we are happy to provide you with a full refund of your premium, provided you have not made, or intend to make a claim.

If you purchased a multi-trip policy, we may refund your premium, provided you have not already travelled on the policy, do not have any further trips planned, and you have not made, or intend to make a claim on the policy.

Is it time to put an end to chemo bells?

Chemo bells are a controversial topic with very split opinions. Heidi (@storminatitcup) spoke about the subject on her blog not too long ago and it instantly struck a chord with us. So much so, that we decided to join in on the discussion. Read more

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