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Cruise report shows European River Cruise popularity

The recent release of the Cruise Holidays International Cruise Trends Report for the upcoming year has shown that European River Cruise popularity has soared. Read more

Go Pro captures the dramatic footage of cruise ship rescue

A helicopter carrying a versatile and powerful Go Pro camera has managed to capture footage of an emergency rescue team pulling a passenger on-board the Norwegian Cruise lines ship ‘Getaway’ Read more

Cruise lines take a tough stand on ebola screenings

If you’ve boarded a cruise before, you’ll understand the procedure at check in when passengers are asked to fill in a health questionnaire – used primarily to stop the spread of norovirus amongst the thousands of passengers on board. Read more

Cruise ships boost tourism in Pembrokeshire

It might seem like an unlikely destination for cruise ships to park up, but cruise ship passengers landing in Pembrokeshire are being warmly welcomed in a bid to boost the country’s tourism. Read more

TV Documentary gets mixed reviews from cruisers

Following the crash of the ‘fly on the wall’ documentary Airline, which included showing the general public EasyJet ‘behind-the-scenes’, and ended up meaning the airline itself was portrayed as badly managed, inept and uncaring of it’s passengers concerns, despite persevering in showing the television audience the more ‘human’ side to the company and its operations. Read more

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