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Cough campaign leads to thousands being tested for lung cancer

We’re all aware of the Be Clear On Cancer campaign, as it often hits our screens for weeks at a time, is displayed on billboards and advertised in spaces we are likely to see on a day-to-day basis. Read more

Scientists discover ‘self-destruct switch’ in lung cancer cells

Scientists at the Cancer Research UK Institute have discovered that a certain drug combination can trigger the cell ‘self-destruct’ process within lung cancer cells. This new discovery could in turn lead to numerous new treatments and help thousands of lung cancer patients in their fight against the disease. Read more

New drug effective in shrinking specific types of lung cancer

Drug giant Pfizer have discovered a drug which treats lung cancer patients who have a specific gene mutation. The drug, known as Xalkori, proved within multiple studies that it is effective in shrinking tumours in those with a rare form of the disease. Read more

Controlling lung cancer through radiotherapy

A Manchester research team have been working out how to increase the radiotherapy dose for lung cancer patients by offering improved local control and better survival. Read more

Lung cancer diagnosis easier than ever in older patients

Researchers at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Manchester – part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre – have found that a procedure used to take tissue samples from lung cancer patients can be used safely in patients over 70, allowing doctors to make more accurate diagnoses and choose appropriate treatment. Read more

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