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Breakthrough drug to stop aggressive womb cancer growth

Research recently published in the British Journal of Cancer has revealed that a new drug which has been developed to target a key gene fault in women could help halt an aggressive form of uterine cancer. Read more

Scientists find new way to distinguish between ovarian tumours

A new test can help doctors identify ovarian cancer in patients easily and accurately which in turn will cut down on the instances of unnecessary and sometimes life-altering surgery. Read more

Urine test could be used to screen cervical cancer

Screening methods used to test for the human papilloma virus (HPV) could be offered to female patients as an alternative to cervical smear tests as a form of cervical cancer screening. Read more

Exercise reduces the risk of womb cancer

Although there is conflicting research on the topic, people seem to be unaware of the huge health benefits that exercising for as little as thirty minutes a day can have. Read more

Taking fertility drugs has no correlation to womb cancer

Despite popular concerns that using fertility drugs can effect a woman’s chance of developing a variety of ‘female cancers’ in later life, an American study has found that there is ‘little evidence’ that Read more

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