Booking your family holiday

Children love holidays and the novelty of going away never fails to keep them buzzing with excitement. Family holidays in particular provide kids with precious time with busy working parents or bonding experiences with other family members – quality family time and interaction is something which will be remembered for a long time.

The first and most important thing to think about when you’re planning your family holiday is what you want from it- what sort of holiday do you want? A week’s long adventure holiday or a beach holiday or maybe even a cruise? Nothing excites kids more than the prospect of doing something new. For a trip that your children will remember forever, why not try giving them a new perspective or introduce them to a new sport. Holiday experiences can ignite new passions and hobbies. Involve your children in the decision-making process by making it a game.

Next step is to choose your specific destination. If your kids don’t do well on long journeys, think about a stay-cation, or one abroad but closer to home, say France or Spain. Have a family meeting and discuss what everyone would like to do whilst on holiday. Whilst this might spur some crazy and impossible ideas from the younger ones, you can get an idea of what other activities they’d find exciting and where you could do them. Think about what else you yourself want from the holiday, as it’s also your time away and you could do with a break from doing kid-themed activities the entire holiday. Pick a couple of days that you can designate to what you want to do and involve the children in some aspects of that, too.

By involving everyone in the decision-making process, you can find just the right spot to make your family holiday memorable.


How much?
Sticking to a budget when your children want to do so many different things can be difficult, but knowing exactly what your family wants, helps. For example, if the whole family wanted to go snorkelling, you could look exclusively at resorts or holiday destinations that offer the activity free, saving you a lot of money to spend elsewhere.

Researching the internet and comparing various holiday packages, hotels, flights and activities can save you money when you invest time in looking around. You can often find a deal where kids go free, transport is included or any last-minute deals which can fit in with your schedule.

Consider going all-inclusive for a price that includes some of the things you want to do along with accommodation, food, drink and entertainment, it’s easier to manage at one total price, and then all that’s left to sort is transport or travel insurance – both of which you can shop around for and find the best deals.

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