Choosing a Destination

The first thing to decide before booking your holiday will be choosing your destination. For many, finding inspiration is the most difficult thing to do in the holiday process. With a huge variety of places to visit, and more places being advertised, every destination tends to look more appealing than the last.

First of all, decide what you want:

Are you more the type of person who wants a holiday to relax in the sun, or someone who wants every other day to hold a different adventure in store? Someone who prefers soaking up the local culture or spending your time out focusing on you, your health and wellness? Decide what you want from your holiday from the list below, which will hopefully allow you to focus more on a destination able to provide you with what you want:

Websites such as TripAdvisor have generators which allow you to narrow down destinations through types of holiday, month of travel, region alongside their user-rated experiences. If you’re feeling particularly spontaneous, whichplacetogo generates a random destination – a virtual way of spinning a globe and putting a pin down. ABTA offer a great way of showing where is great to go, when, incase you know when you want to go, but have no idea about where would be best to make memories at that time of year.

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