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Port Parking

Cruising as someone with a medical condition, or with someone else who has a medical condition can make travelling stressful and preparation is essential.

Make sure your holiday cruise gets off to a good start with our port parking option for both Southampton and Dover departures. You can arrange everything in advance for a really reasonable price, ensuring not only that you get to your ship on time for check-in and departure, but that your car remains in one of the most secure port car parks in the UK.

The port parking options we offer are close to port, convenient for wherever you may be coming from, and most importantly – highly secure. You just have to roll up, hand over the keys, and then board your cruise – all from a really affordable £5.25. We even get a chauffeur to pick you up from your cruise terminal when you come home.

No one’s holiday should begin with a stressed or flustered start, so Insurancewith have found these extras designed with you and your holiday in mind.

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