Cancer patients eligible for financial help

A young father in his 40s, the breadwinner of his family, was given a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, but with the help of the free financial guidance service run by Macmillan Cancer Support he can help his family survive through his illness.

Pancreatic cancer is usually only diagnosed when it’s in its advanced stages, so it’s not only the physical and emotional effect the disease has which can be devastating; the financial effect of the disease can be crippling on families who need the additional salary to live. Read more

Be Clear On Cancer: Campaign raises awareness and diagnoses cases of lung cancer

You probably saw at least one TV advert over the Easter break that warned viewers of the dangers and symptoms of lung cancer. The hard-hitting advert was part of a government cancer awareness campaign called ‘Be Clear On Cancer’ that ran from the 10th March until the end of April, and included TV, press and radio advertising, and had great results. Read more

Quick-thinking kids praised for response to father’s epilepsy

When Marvin Dyke fell into a serious seizure whilst he was looking after his children alone at home, most children would panic. However, Benjamin, 8, and his sister Alessia, 6, knew exactly what to do after their father started seizing and their perfect response could have helped saved Marvin’s life. Read more

Eat more fat to lower cholesterol

There is growing evidence that people with high cholesterol levels who adopt a diet which is higher in fat have lower risk of heart attack and cardiovascular-disease-related death than those who follow a strictly low fat diet.
According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, scientists researched and analysed studies dating back as far as 1957 that looked at the correlation of certain food types to heart disease.
Read more

Are you confused about how to lower your cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a word we hear in the news every day, with new food and drink research showing links to either higher or lower cholesterol levels.

Research from cholesterol charity Heart UK and Flora pro.activ has revealed that despite huge media campaigns raising awareness of high Read more

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