Imagine going on holiday, and being sent home the next day

Neil Allison and his wife booked their dream safari holiday to Kenya earlier on in the year, so when the couple landed, excitement for the couple had reached its peak. However, just one day after stepping off of the plane onto South African turf, the couple were evicted from the country after the capital was rocked by bombings. Read more

Eve Appeal trekathon: charity raise over £40,000 for female gynaecological cancers

The Eve Appeal is a registered charity aiming to help patients with female gynaecological cancers such as cervical, vaginal, womb and ovarian cancers. They have worked tirelessly since they first formed in 2005 to raise money to fund a world-class research programme at the Department of Women’s Cancer, based at the University College London (UCL). Read more

Stroke survivors urge others to not dismiss ‘funny turns’ and take TIAs seriously

Stroke survivors and campaigners have urged others to not dismiss TIAs (transient ischaemic attacks, or mini-strokes) as ‘funny turns’ or a lucky escape as they can be a warning sign of further, more severe strokes in the future. Read more

Special ‘magnetic’ bacteria help stomach cancer diagnosis

Scientists from the University of Granada in Spain have developed a type of magnetic bacteria which can be added to food to help diagnose diseases of the digestive system, including stomach cancer. Read more

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