Travelling With Cancer

People all have the same reasons for wanting to travel: to see new places, meet new people, experience new things, visit someone or somewhere they love, to work, or just to relax. Even if you haven’t been affected by cancer, your motivations for going away are likely to be the same as someone who has been, and more often than not those who’ve had a cancer diagnosis often bring forward trips as a way to experience something they always wanted to, or as a chance to get away and recover. For someone who has been or is ill, getting away from the routine of check-ups, doctors and medical care can be an ideal chance to recover somewhere relaxing and different.

Taking out travel insurance to ensure you’re covered for any possible medical treatment whilst away from home is essential, as you want to be able to claim for emergency medical costs and care abroad, even if the treatment you’re receiving is as a result of your illness. In destinations such as the US, or outside Europe, the medical costs can become phenomenal and then you need to think about getting back to the UK if you are taken ill, it may not be as simple as just jumping on the next available budget flight.

Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Getting travel insurance after you’ve been diagnosed with something like cancer can make things complicated, difficult and expensive. Insurancewith treats each customer as an individual, assessing their personal medical situation in detail with empathy and expert advice. CD, from Surrey said, “This is the second policy I’ve taken with you – the advisors I spoke to during the screening process have been very helpful and knowledgeable. And your quotes have been very affordable compared to others I’ve had. You are over £1,000 cheaper”

Cancer patients often find the online screening process of many travel insurance providers difficult as they cannot always ‘tick all the boxes’, and in some cases, insurers ‘say no to cancer’ and refuse cover to people who have suffered with the illness because it proves too much of a risk to insure. Questions about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are common among many insurance providers’ medical screening can sometimes be distressing to those suffering with the illness.

With Insurancewith’s innovative 121 medical screening process (where required) the customer actually talks to a personal risk specialist, who helps custom-build their quote based on their individual medical situation. JD, from Surrey praises our inclusive travel insurance after he bought a policy for his mum: “Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all your staff for not saying ‘No to Cancer’ and arranging travel insurance for my mum. It meant the world to us as a family, allowing us to go as a family back to our house in Florida for a much needed holiday. After numerous calls to other companies, we had given up. Mum and Dad were so disappointed, until you called us back with great news and your quote”.

We offer free travel insurance quotes online or by calling 0333 005 1066.

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