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Travelling After a Heart Attack; The 5 Essential Tips You Need

Understandably, travelling after a heart attack can be worrying but it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. With some careful planning and flexibility, you can head away for that much-needed trip. Here are our top 5 essential tips you need to know for travelling after a heart attack.

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Why Can I Not Find Suitable Medical Travel Insurance?

Whether you’re jetting off to Sunny Spain, cruising the Caribbean or heading for a seaside break in the UK, travel insurance is essential. For those with an existing medical condition, you may need to find a specialist medical travel insurance company – like us! Unlike standard travel insurance, specialist medical providers like us can generally cover medical conditions that are a little more complex.

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The Ultimate Guide to Medical Travel Insurance

When you are on your travels, the unexpected can always happen which is why it is important to take out travel insurance from the moment that you book your holiday. Travel insurance protects you against costs or losses that you may experience. This includes cancellations, loss of possessions and medical bills. From the moment that you book your accommodation and flights, you are at risk of losing out should you need to cancel, so ensure that taking out a travel insurance policy is one of the first things you do. 

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The New Cost of Cancer Crisis

The cost-of-living crisis; a topic that is dominating conversations across the UK. However, there has always been a ‘cost of cancer’, having cancer and going through treatment can really affect your finances.  Your rent and mortgage payments don’t stop when you have cancer, but your regular salary may, you may be unable to work at all, there could be additional child care costs to pay, all these costs mount up, but you are not in the position to work to pay for them.  

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Pinkwashing: What it is and how to spot it

The Pink Ribbon was co-created by the late Evelyn H. Lauder. The iconic shade of pink is now used across the globe to represent breast cancer. In 1992, Evelyn knew that the topic of breast cancer needed more awareness and alongside The Pink Ribbon, she launched The Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Research Campaign.

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