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Travelling with Cancer

At Insurancewith, we believe there is always life after a diagnosis and know just how important it is to get away during such a difficult time. Not only does travelling improve your mood, help you feel more relaxed and positive and increase your confidence, but it also allows you to spend precious time with your loved ones.

That’s why, so long as your condition is stable, we can offer affordable travel cover tailored to your individual needs.

So, to put your mind at ease, we’ve found and answered the most common questions asked when planning a getaway with a cancer diagnosis.  Read more

Brexit FAQ

Brexit- it is a topic which continues to dominate discussions, with everyone wondering what exactly is going on and how will they be impacted. Travel is no exception, with travellers concerned about how future holiday in Europe will be affected.

The good news is finally a deal has been approved and we will be leaving January 31st. Once this happens, we will enter a transition period, until 31st December 2020, whereby nothing will change – that includes travel.

Here at Insurancewith, we want to help set your minds at ease by answering some of your travelling during or after Brexit queries.

Read more

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