101 things to do when you survive

The title of this blog is also the name of the web site that Greig Trout has designed so people can follow his adventured around the world.
Greig is a double cancer survivor and instead of the bucket list of things to do before you die he has turned it on its head and made a list of 101 things he wants to do to because he has survived.
I initially heard about Greig’s fantastic plan when he approached Insurancewith for a travel insurance quote to cover his yearlong adventure.  Due to his previous cancer diagnosis and other medical condition he was finding it extremely difficult finding a policy to cover him, until he found Insurancewith.  We were delighted to be able to offer Grieg his yearlong travel insurance policy, with full cancer and medical conditions cover.  During Greig’s call to take out his policy he mentioned that he was looking for some sponsorship for his trip, he already had a couple of sponsors on board, but was looking for a few more.  Once we had a chance to look through the web site and see what Greig was trying to do with his trip we quickly made the decision that this was something we would be thrilled to sponsor, and I’m looking forward to updating you on Greig’s progress over the next year.
After a cancer diagnosis you often wonder if you will ever get your old life back and this is always something we strive to do, however as I know from my experience with cancer, is does completely change you.  Greig has embarked on his trip because when he thought he may not survive there were so many things he wished he had seen, and I know from my experience and that of my friends who have also been diagnosed, cancer does change your life it makes you reassess things and your new life the other side of cancer may not be the same as the one pre cancer, but it can still be thrilling and exciting as Greig is proving.
You can find out more about Greig’s list on his web site here, and I am pleased to report that he had already ticked one of the items off already; he’s had a whole day without thinking about cancer at all, which is fantastic. 


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