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We’re proud to be leading the way in affordable travel insurance

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently released an in-depth report looking at how accessible travel insurance is for those with pre-existing conditions. It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who has tried to get a quote from a mainstream provider – travel cover can be ridiculously expensive. We’re glad the FCA has raised the issue.

While the report focused on people who’ve had cancer treatment, it notes how many people with long-term health conditions are “feeling discriminated against by insurers.” It even suggests the exclusion from such financial services could be bad for people’s long-term well-being.

At Insurancewith, we understand this. As Sarah Page, our Brand Manager, said: “We regularly hear about customer’s experiences with different providers giving them quotes between hundreds or thousands of pounds, or declining them cover altogether at the slightest mention of the C-word.”

The intrusive questions, the expensive prices and refusal to cover certain conditions is upsetting for customers. It even puts people off going on holiday, especially when insurance quotes come back as costlier than the trip.

The report also notes the lack of transparency around how these quotes are calculated, and what risk factors drive them up.

We do things differently, and we wanted to use the report to shout about how we can help you. The Times used price comparison websites to examine the cost of travel insurance for a two-week holiday to America for an imaginary 58-year-old.

When declaring this person had successfully completed treatment for lung cancer within the last three years, the quote came back at £2,553.67. We’d cover this person for only £36.54. That’s a huge 98% cheaper.

We can do this because of our experience in dealing with pre-existing conditions. As Sarah says: “By treating the customer as an individual and not providing a price based on their diagnosis, but on their lifestyle, treatment, and stability, we can often offer cover where others cannot.”

Most insurers use Verisk (previously known as Healix), but we use Protectif. Here’s a sample of how much it could save consumers:

Condition Healix Protectif Saving with Insurancewith
Bowel cancer £1007.31 £180.04 82.13%
Pancreatic cancer £1469.88 £143.46 90.24%
Lymphoma £1572.79 £132.54 91.57%

In all the news which has followed, the same idea has prevailed – everyone has the right to travel. It’s something we’ve been championing since the start and it’s why our customers are at the heart of everything we do. “We use their feedback and experience to shape our policies to suit their needs, not just for cancer but for any long-term, serious or chronic medical condition – physical or mental,” Sarah clarifies.
Find out more about our award-winning medical screening process and how its saving our customers money.
Due to such savings, the FCA have urged insurers to direct people to specialist cover providers. “We are convinced that better signposting would have a positive impact, greatly improving consumers’ ability to get affordable cover,” the report notes.


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