Insurancewith Raises Over £1,300 for FACT

During the year here at Insurancewith we continually fundraise for a selection of charities, with £1 of every policy being donated to one of our charities! Last month we were thrilled to hear back from FACT, who we have raised £1,301.28 for over the past couple of months.

FACT, which stands for Fighting All Cancers Together, is a charity offering support to those affected by cancer diagnoses in the UK, whether that be the person themselves, family or close friends. Their purpose is to ‘source, promote and form relationships between the support services, groups, organisations and charities that are available to cancer patients’.

The team at FACT provide a range of free resources for those affected, from things as simple as a comforting cup of tea all the way to clinical counselling for those struggling with a cancer diagnosis, or who have been bereaved.

They’ve just hosted the Carer Awards, a night to recognise the stellar efforts of carers across the North East of England. The winners and nominees are all people who do an amazing job of supporting others suffering from cancer. Whether young or adult, FACT look to recognise these people for their outstanding commitment and selfless attitude to those they care for.

With Insurancewith’s donation (all thanks to our brilliant customers!), FACT have been able to fund 26 blocks of clinical counselling for families in the North East of England, which can play a huge part in managing and coping with a cancer diagnosis for some people. This amount also could pay for over 11,000 cups of tea!

FACT is always fundraising and looking for people to donate, whether that be giving their money or giving their time. If you are interested in their work and want to know more, want to make a charitable donation, or to volunteer to donate your time, visit

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