Doing more than just insurance (Part 2!)

At Insurancewith, we enjoy going above and beyond for our customers. We’ve previously written about how our products help people like you get away for those all-important breaks, but as we hit peak holiday season we thought it was important to show you where the £1 from every policy donation goes.


Breast Cancer Haven

Thanks to those that have bought policies from us recently, in June we donated enough to The Breast Cancer Haven to provide one person affected by breast cancer with a fully personalised programme of support, which is an incredible achievement!

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening and the treatment gruelling. Treatments like surgery, hair loss, radiation, chemotherapy and other medication can all take its toll on someone. Although medical treatment is necessary, practical and emotional support is also needed after this type of diagnosis.

The Breast Cancer Haven offer support with things like money, work, combatting stress and exhaustion, dealing with nausea as well as offering an ear to help talk through deepest fears and anxieties. All of this is done in their own centres, which are as far from a medical setting as possible.

The Breast Cancer Haven isn’t the only charity that we support – we have over six charity partners who we donate money to each month. £1 from every single policy that we sell goes to one of these charity partners which help people like our customers every single day.


Transplant Sport

Another charity we support is Transplant Sport, who aim to raise awareness for the need for organ donation, encourage transplant recipients to lead active lifestyles and to celebrate organ donation and the life it gives. They’ve recently hosted the annual British Transplant Games in Lanarkshire, where participants of all ages and abilities take part in over 20 different activities.

The atmosphere at The Transplant Games is unbelievable – everyone is rooting for the participants, even if they are on different teams. The sense of community is incredible and even as a non–participant of the Games, you are warmly welcomed as part of the ‘family’. Children as young as 3 take part in events that have you roaring support on the sidelines, and watching them take part in different activities proves what a valuable thing organ donation really is. Every year the Transplant Games is held in a different UK city, where a transplant centre is located, and every year there’s a significant increase in the number of registrations on the Organ Donation Register.

Cystic Fibrosis Care

Cystic Fibrosis Care

Another way we contribute to helping people like our customers every day is by giving some of our policy donations to Cystic Fibrosis Care. Set up and run by the parents of children with CF, this charity aims to support high-quality cystic fibrosis care and to promote public awareness of CF. By working closely with hospitals and specialist care centres, the charity provides essential services and equipment as well as practical help and support to children and adults and their families.

Where treatment centres don’t always have the funding to provide additional care to the patients, Cystic Fibrosis Care helps CF patients and their families by funding emotional support, essential medical and physio equipment – all in aid in providing a better quality of life for those with the illness.

For a full list of charities that receive our monthly policy donations, please see this page.

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