Could you ask for help in a foreign language?

To my shame I don’t speak any other languages, however since my cancer diagnosis whenever I travel to a foreign county I always make sure that I learn a few important phrases in the language of the country I’m visiting, such as how to ask for help in an emergency, the name of my medication and my condition. I also carry a letter from my doctor with my initial diagnosis and my treatment to date.
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Cervical Cancer Prevention week

Next week sees the start of this year’s cervical cancer prevention week and as the name suggests, cervical cancer can be prevented, which is why promoting this week is so important.  According to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, in 2010, 20% of women did not take up their invitation for cervical screening, and more shockingly, only 50% of girls offered the HPV vaccine (human papilloma virus can cause cervical cancer in some people) in the catch up programme, elected to have the injection, which could potentially save their lives. Read more

It’s not the cards you’re dealt it’s the way you play them


Since my cancer diagnosis I have always tried to look for the positives that cancer has brought to my life.  I have met some wonderful people who have become friends and if I hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer I would never have met them.  Twitter has been a great tool for meeting people, we have a great band of people who support each other and the one thread that runs through all our lives is cancer.  It never ceases to amaze me how much support you can get from people you don’t know, but because you have been through similar things, they just get you, and can lift you up when things are all getting a bit much. Read more

Travel Insurance that includes cancer cover

As many of you will know, Insurancewith was created after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was unable to find affordable travel insurance that covered cancer. And I said at the time Insurancewith would always be work in progress, we would carry on refining and updating our screening taking into account new treatments and the amazing strides the medical profession are making with cancer and survival rates.
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The history of travel insurance for medical conditions

Do you have an existing medical condition?  Have you ever wondered why you need to buy specialist travel insurance for pre-existingmedical conditions?

Why can’t insurers offer you cover at the same rates as everyone else? You probably feel absolutely fine, your life is under control, perhaps you are holding down a demanding job or raising a family? Maybe its years since you had to be admitted to a hospital if ever, you just keep taking the prescribed medications or inhalers and your health is fine? Read more
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