Rip Off Britain: Holidays

This week’s Rip Off Britain programme focused on holidays, and featured a piece about people having to pay two or three times more for travel insurance for illnesses that are firmly in the past – something which can often restrict your travel plans. We’re really proud that Insurancewith were featured as a realistic alternative for people looking for an affordable travel insurance policy which covers their medical condition.

Many travel insurance providers tend to see people who have suffered serious or long term medical conditions like cancer as a substantial risk, and as such offer sky-high premiums or refuse cover altogether – even if your condition is well in the past.

Anna Wallace featured on the show and runs Living Beyond Diagnosis, a cancer charity she founded after suffering from a rare form of the disease in 2009. Thankfully, it has now been over five years since she was diagnosed with ‘no evidence of cancer’, but after finding it difficult to find a travel insurance policy which covered her for her cancer without costing more than her holiday, she travelled without insurance – something that unfortunately, many people are forced to do when they can’t find the right policy. She mentioned Insurancewith, and how we offer an alternative for customers looking for affordable cover for their trip.

We have years of experience in providing travel insurance for customers with cancer and other serious medical conditions. Fiona Macrae started Insurancewith after struggling to find travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis – insurance companies often asked distressingly intrusive questions and the premiums were often hugely inflated!

Fiona was adamant that she wanted to do something to change the situation and help to enable everyone to have affordable easily accessible holiday insurance for pre-existing medical conditions – so Insurancewith was born.

At Insurancewith, we have a unique medical screening programme which was praised by the programme as introducing more precise health evaluation, tailoring each question to the individual’s condition. By asking more questions and being more targeted, we can offer our customers some of the best prices, allowing them to get away on that well-deserved trip after diagnosis or treatment without feeling penalised for being ill.

We’re really thankful to Rip Off Britain and to Anna for mentioning us – the programme will be repeated tomorrow at 7.35am on BBC2, so make sure you watch it for some helpful hints about avoiding being ripped off cancelling your holidays and travel insurance!

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