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Last week I wrote a blog about attending a fundraising drinks with the charity Shine Cancer Support. The event was great, and with Shine it’s something which happens quite often – why not see if they do a local event in your area?

Support is something integral to Shine – the organisation’s vision includes helping those who are diagnosed with cancer, in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, whether they’re living with cancer or are beyond it, and ensuring they have access to the support that they need.

Photo courtesy of Shine Cancer Support

Photo courtesy of Shine Cancer Support

Younger adults with cancer are often considered a ‘hidden generation’. Statistics tend to group age brackets together, so common fears about fertility, relationships and careers can often get passed over. Shine helps combat those feelings of isolation, loneliness and even anger when patients are being treated for cancer but might not have no one of a similar age or situation to relate to and talk about experiences.

Shine Cancer Support are constantly fundraising to help spread their message and values to the parts of the country that they haven’t yet reached. Current appeals include the Great Escape, where young adults suffering from cancer got to get away and meet others in similar situations on an escape to the countryside and the Shine Wig Walk, where Shine’s participants, families and friends can wear crazy wigs and complete a 5k walk for the charity.

Insurancewith has donated £500 to help with the charity’s fundraising efforts, the donation is to help them put on a fundraising event, a great fundraising cabaret later on this month.

Ceinwen Giles of Shine Cancer Support, commented:

“Insurancewith donated £500 to Shine Cancer Support to help us with our fundraising cabaret and it’s been a huge help. Last year, we ran a smaller event but didn’t have any money to get it up and running. This meant we struggled to think how we’d pay for things like taxis for our performers or any extras that came up along the way – and with fundraising events there’s ALWAYS things that come up. Knowing we has this seed money has made a huge difference. Through another kind donation we’ve been able to secure a venue for our cabaret, but with the donation from Insurancewith we now have the comfort of knowing that we can pay for a lot of little things that we know from our experience last year will come along, but this will hopefully add up to a lot more money being raised. We’re currently looking at getting a pianist for the event; knowing that we can afford this has taken a huge amount of stress away. We’re really looking forward to our event and can’t thank Insurancewith enough for the support!”

If you would like to get tickets for Shine’s event, follow this link:

and help support a really great cause.

This is a new initiative by Insurancewith – we aim to donate £500 every three months to a charity to help them with their fundraising. This is the first time we’ve done this so we need charities to get in touch!

If you would like Insurancewith to help contribute to your charity and fundraising efforts, please tweet us on @Insurancewith or email us on

Insurancewith want to reach out and help as many people as we can, so get in touch. We have another £500 sitting in the pot waiting for another charity as we speak!

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