Tourism for All

Getting on a train, bus or plane can be something we take for granted when we embark on our much-anticipated holiday abroad, but for those with disabilities it is just another barrier among many when travelling overseas, or even throughout the UK.

One of the things Insurancewith is passionate about is giving everyone, whether they have a pre-existing medical condition or disability or not, the opportunity to travel the world without an insurance premium which leaves them out of pocket. Most travel insurance companies cover those with disabilities, but at what could be considered a higher premium, which can provide yet another barrier in the world of travel, so Insurancewith are keen to offer everyone an affordable price for travel insurance cover.

Tourism For All is a national charity which is dedicated to making tourism available to those of all abilities, championing the cause of accessible tourism with other companies and organisations across the UK. As travel abroad hasn’t always been the easiest or most accessible of things to accomplish, Tourism For All is helping hundreds of thousands of people each year seeking help and advice for their travel plans, and continuing to break down the modern-day barriers to accessible travel – something which restricts disabled people every single day.

The charity operates an active network (OpenBritain) of other charities and organisations who are dedicated in helping those with disabilities and seeking to change the worst, and we’re delighted to announce that we have joined them.

Being a part of the OpenBritain network ensures that Insurancewith is not only reaching out to our disabled customers who need affordable travel insurance, but also makes us aware to changes to disabled tourism as well as any further needs that our customers have that could become included within our many travel insurance policies for those with disabilities or pre-existing medical conditions.

Photo courtesy of Tourism For All

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