Where to find some winter sunshine before Christmas?

Writing a blog about where to find the best winter sunshine seems a little silly; as I look out of the window I see bright blue skies and people still walking around in their summer clothes, temperatures are reaching 27 degrees in London.  Therefore the answer should be the UK for winter sun, oh how I wish we could always bank on an Indian Summer in the UK, but unfortunately just like our summer weather our autumn weather is unpredictable too.   So where should our travel insurance with medical conditions customers go if they want a guarantee of winter sun?
Heading off in October, Mauritius is lovely, you still have a couple of months of dry season before the cyclone season hits.  The draw backs with a trip to Mauritius?  It’s a long way and can be expensive to get there.  Closer to home and cheaper, you could try the Canaries or Tunisia which both still have pleasantly hot weather well into October.
For November winter sun pre existing medical conditionstravel insurance customers will have to travel a bit further afield.  In Goa the monsoon season has finished, the weather is great and the beaches aren’t too crowded.  California is another option, and if the pound remains strong against the dollar it will make the long trip easier on the pocket.  A bit closer to home The Gambia is another option for guaranteed sunshine in November.
With the prices going up for the Christmas holidays pre existing medical condition travel insurance customers will have holiday in early December to get the best deals before the price hikes nearer Christmas.  In The Caribbean the hurricane season has passed by December and the weather is beautiful.  Or a little bit closer to home you can soak up the December sunshine in the Red Sea area.
Plenty of options, but if the hot weather continues into October in the UK, then maybe the British winter won’t be too hard to bear after all.


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