“Who Cares Award” Nominations have now closed

Further to my original blog, the nominations for our “Who Cares Award” have now closed.  I have been going through the nominations this morning and have been amazed by the nominees and their stories; I will admit tears have been shed.

The idea behind the awards was to recognise the selfless work carers do and the sacrifices they make, and hi-light the fact that anyone can become a carer.  It is not a job you necessarily apply for, but if a family member or loved one becomes ill or has an accident and can no longer look after themselves you automatically step in.  Many carers give up work to care and this can have a big impact on the family finances, some cares work and care, all of them give up their normal lives and things that people take for granted such as holidays or something as simple as an evening out.
Every carer has a story of why they are caring and I am delighted that so many of you have shared your stories with us, but now for the very difficult job of picking the 2 finalists.  Thankfully this is not for me to decide, we are very luck to have Andrew Holt, the Editor of Charity Times as our judge so it is over to him now.  We will let you know who the 2 finalists are in a couple of weeks.

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