Things to Do on a Cruise Holiday

The traditional image of a cruise ship has long changed from the classic images of couples walking on the promenade, only one large pool for all passengers to use and plenty of deck space for sunning areas. Nowadays, modern ships contain enough amenities and hold enough events so that a day spent sailing at sea is just as exciting as a day in port.

On-deck activities

On-deck activities now span from zip-wires to climbing walls and pool bars which transform into nightclubs over the course of the evening. Passengers can now partake in sky-diving and surfing simulations and swim in large resort-style pools with resistant currents, waterparks and wave machines.

Evening entertainment

Evening entertainment has always been a key element to cruising and modern day cruise lines have kept this classic aspect and transformed it from the stereotypical cabaret to laser displays and elaborately-dressed performers performing Broadway shows, or a high-octane acrobatic water performance by the crew.


On-board children’s clubs often host a huge variety of activities, including film pool parties, sleepovers, night nurseries, discos, nightclubs and lounges for teens and young adults, improv classes, ice-skating, dodgeball, circus training and talent shows alongside the huge number of amenities available on-board and in the ports of call.


Cruises are an incredible opportunity to do things you’ve always wanted to do in locations other holiday operators can’t always get to. From swimming with dolphins to cage-diving with sharks, kayaking round gigantic glaciers in the Baltic to spending the day under the tutelage of a professional sculptor in Italy. Similar to the way that ships have amenities for people with all tastes, they also provide excursions for people with different interests.

If you are taking part in an activity whist on an excursion, please double check our list of ‘covered activities’ to ensure you are fully covered. Click here to see the list.


One of the key advantages to choosing a cruise as your holiday is the all-inclusive price, which includes food and drink. Having several gourmet and casual variety restaurants within such a close area means that almost every passenger’s individual taste is catered for. Room service is also available on most ships, making the highly-commended, plentiful food available to passengers 24/7 for a small charge. Bars on-board cruise ships are becoming more diverse, with ships having up to ten bars which range from traditional British pubs to specialist champagne or martini bars and ice bars offering the latest cocktail concoction at the hands of award-winning mixologists.


In addition to all of this, ships are making more and more facilities available to their customers, including transforming their ships into floating resorts, complete with spas, gyms, salons, shops and opportunities for passengers to join in on workshops and listen to lectures.

Daily Bulletin

Activities and events are usually delivered to your cabin each evening, detailing the itinerary or schedule for the next day, on the Daily Bulletin. This should already be in your cabin upon your embarkation of the ship.

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