Caroline’s Story

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We are so happy to cover Caroline and help her make incredible memories with her family. Here is what she had to say:

“I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel cancer in 2014. I’ve had various treatments over the past 8 years and have an Ileostomy. Chemotherapy and operations have all kept me here, alive and able to live a good standard of life with my cancer. Holidays and travelling have always been a huge part of mine and my husbands life and after being diagnosed with cancer I was devastated to think I might not have been able to do that again and experience it with our little boy. He was only 18 months when I was diagnosed. I was wrong. As a family we have travelled so much in the years since my diagnosis, making precious family memories in some truly beautiful places. I am so utterly grateful to Insurancewith as without their affordable and comprehensive cover this would not have been possible. Their screening process is very detailed and I am left feeling reassured that all my complex medical needs are covered, so I can go, relax and not worry if any problems do arise whilst away. Thank you Insurancewith for making our holiday dreams a reality. Don’t let cancer spoil your travelling dreams!”

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