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Insurancewith: holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions offers specific travel insurance for cancer suffers at highly competitive premiums.

A cancer diagnosis shouldn’t mean you can’t go on holiday and by providing affordable travel insurance for people with cancer, we hope to make that holiday or short trip possible.

We also feel that supporting cancer charities like FACT is important too, we understand first hand how invaluable a charity’s support is after a cancer diagnosis.

We are proud to support FACT, who offers help, support and social opportunities for people going through the cancer journey, and their families and friends.

FACT support people with cancer their friends and family through diagnosis treatment and beyond, these are the very people the Insurancewith: cancer travel insurance policy has been designed for.

Whether you have cancer or one of your travelling party has cancer we have a travel insurance with cancer policy to suit your needs. We also offer specialist cover for those who may have a combination of medical conditions at highly competitive premiums for worldwide travel. If you are a charity that would like to learn more about partnering or working with us, please contact us.

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