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Campaigner’s despair after pancreatic cancer drug is rejected

A breakthrough drug heralded by many as a ‘miracle’, and the first of its kind in 20 years will not be made available to pancreatic cancer patients on the NHS. Read more

Pancreatic cancer campaigners fight for life-prolonging drug

A group of campaigners have handed over a petition to Number Ten, urging the Government to help protect the use of a life-prolonging drug. Read more

Diagnostic blood test developed for pancreatic cancer

The prospect of having a diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer, where cases often aren’t diagnosed until the very late stages meaning survival rates are often very low, is a new hope for pancreatic cancer patients. Read more

Special ‘chokeberry’ boosts effects of chemo in pancreatic cancer patients

Berries which are native to regions in North America have a significant effect in boosting the good that chemotherapy has on pancreatic cancer patients. Read more

Old drug, new tricks

A pancreatic cancer treatment which failed previous clinical trials is being resurrected as a personalised type of medication for one in five patients who suffer from the disease. Read more

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