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Safety Tips for Travelling

Staying safe on holiday is just as important as staying safe whilst at home, and following these tips can help you have the experience of a lifetime but without any unexpected dramas.

Have a health check-up

  • Before you leave, make sure you’re as healthy as you can be so you can have peace of mind that you’re at your best and won’t experience any previously unknown medical issues whilst you’re away.
  • Check whether you need any vaccinations before you travel.
  • Be realistic in where you travel – being older doesn’t mean you’re limited in what you do, but make sure your destination is suitable for you and your needs.

Plan ahead

  • Planning ahead can save time and unnecessary stress, especially during the busy holiday seasons. Leave enough time for any traffic jams you may encounter on the way to the airport/port, toilet stops and any parking issues. Make sure you make it to the departure point with enough time to spare, running around and panicking just ensures your holiday will be off to a flustered start and could lead to an accident.
  • If you need to arrange transport to or from the airport/port, make sure this is sorted well before you fly/sail.
  • Understand local laws, cultures and etiquettes before you travel, as some cultures are offended by things we would consider normal everyday behaviours.

Accident prevention

  • Accidents can have lasting effects, especially for the more senior traveller.
  • Make sure you’re careful around walkways, promenades, railings, steps or any situation where there’s a chance of uncertain footing in case you fall.
  • Don’t rush for any reason, and if you’re uncertain about getting from one point to another, ask for help.
  • Make sure your travel insurance has adequate emergency medical expenses cover to pay for any medical attention you may need whilst abroad.


  • Do your homework before you leave and find out whether crime is common in the area you’re travelling to. Senior tourists and travellers are vulnerable targets for thieves and muggers, especially in big touristy cities.
  • Make sure you don’t carry large sums of cash on you, and if you have to, divide it between you and another person, or keep it in more than one place on your being. Don’t advertise any jewellery, electronic equipment or cash, as this makes you an easy target for thieves, and try and keep everything in a bag that has a lock or zip close, and strapped across your chest.
  • Never venture down streets alone, especially if they’re small, empty or it’s at night.
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