Piste Safety

Winter sports are great fun and relatively safe, with less injuries being caused each year than more ordinary sports such as tennis or running. As long as you’re sensible, you shouldn’t find yourself at risk of an accident or injury.

However, every year hundreds of people who participate in winter sports such as skiing, skating or snowboarding find themselves in hospital with injuries. Some are minor and some are serious and require urgent medical attention leading to hospitalisation, permanent disability or even repatriation, so travel insurance is a must.

Below are some tips we’ve gathered to help you stay safe whether you’re on, or off-piste.

#1: Make sure you take out the right winter sports travel insurance.

#2: Make sure either your equipment, or the gear you hire – is in good condition

#3: Wear protective headgear

#4: Prepare for the cold climate with layered clothes underneath waterproof and windproof jackets, trousers or similar.

#5: Don’t just assume that you can pick up the sport having never tried it before.

#6: Wear goggles or polarised sunglasses

#7: Take regular breaks

#8: Ski/board with a friend

#9: Know your limits

#10: Carry important documentation and a fully-charged mobile phone with you

#11: Don’t drink and ski or board

#12: Obey the International Ski Federation Rules:

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