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A holiday can be a very important part of a person’s recovery from a cancer diagnosis, either at home or abroad.  Sometimes it can just be about getting away from everything thing at home that reminds you about your diagnosis, and being the old you again.

At Insurancewith we recognise this, and this why we work so hard to ensure we provide cancer travel insurance policies, (in fact, all travel insurance policies for all medical conditions) at appropriate premiums, for the risk posed.  Our specialist attention to medical screening and our approach to truly understanding the travel risk allows us to provide cover that is rated fairly and can provide a competitive premium.

Insurancewith donates £1 from every policy that is sold to charity or a charitable cause.  We are extremely passionate about supporting the charities who support our customers, people like you, which is why SimPal is one of the main charities we have partnered with to donate tour policy donations to.

SimPal, actively work within the cancer community to ensure that no one is in the position of losing their access to a mobile phone (and that all important contact and support from others) because they can no longer afford it due to their cancer diagnosis. Cancer poverty is a real thing, with a significant number of people diagnosed with cancer each year being affected.

Chris and Blair, founders of SimPal, are on a mission to provide unique and tailored to support to those affected by cancer poverty, and we truly believe every small policy donation counts towards being able to keep people connected, even after cancer.

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