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Man takes incredible around-the-world selfie

Alex Chacón was a graduate of the University of Texas where he graduated with Honors in Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition and Chemistry. However, before embarking on his doctoral studies, he decided to begin conquering his lifelong dream of travelling the world, and travelling soon became his job.

Selling all of his worldwide possessions, including his car, TV and clothes, he departed his hometown of El Paso, Texas with nothing to return back to, and lived out of his motorcycle for the next few years as he travelled over 200,000km and 75 borders round the world.

Travelling via any way possible (adventurously, mostly by motorbike), Alex has dedicated his pictures, videos and memories to a blog, whilst raising awareness and money for charitable causes such as the Children of Uganda, a charity who focus on improving the lives of women and children from the constant cycle of poverty they face every day.

Over a period of three years, Alex travelled to 36 of the world’s most exotic and fabulous locations and began blogging on his website the Modern Motorcycle Diaries (a nod to the famous Motorycle Diaries, the memoirs of Ché Guevara who travelled 8,000km through South America whilst training to be a doctor). Alex continued writing and capturing his experiences on film with his Go Pro camera

– quickly gaining a loyal following who loved his professional skill, not just with a camera but with his motorbike too.

Now, his epic 360° selfie video montage has gone viral, reaching over 6 million viewers in just one week, and his website has some new eager followers too, inspired by Alex’s journey and the sights and experiences he’s gone through. The clip included photos taken on tropical beaches, in rainforests, on boats, bikes and buggies, in the desert and photos taken with lions and giant sculptures, from the top of buildings and mountains and waterfalls, from cities to glaciers to famous landmarks.

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