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How could exercise during pregnancy protect your child against high blood pressure?

A newly published American study has found that children of mothers who were physically active during their pregnancy, have significantly lower blood pressure when they reached ten years of age. Read more

Sugar effects high blood pressure more than salt

If you have high blood pressure, the chances are that your GP or doctor has told you to cut back on your salt intake because it has been shown to contribute to the medical condition. However, new research has suggested that consuming larger amounts of sugar can push up your blood pressure more than the effects of consuming large amounts of salt. Read more

Beat high blood pressure with beetroot

We hear new health claims about various types of food every single day – the news is always full of The Next Big Thing in terms of what we consume, how it is good for us and how we can introduce it into our daily diet. However, the next week we usually hear something opposing this new research which claims that the new ‘superfood’ isn’t as good as it was previously made out to be. Read more

Eat steak and lower your risk of blood pressure

It almost sounds too good to be true, but a diet which includes huge steaks, blocks of low-fat cheese or lots of hummus can actually be good for you. Read more

Overweight children more likely to have high blood pressure

An independent body which represents GP’s has said that an ‘entire generation will be destroyed’ by the modern day influx of junk food and sugary drinks within children’s diets. Read more

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