Epilepsy ‘cure’ surgery features on BBC Newsnight

About 1% of the UK population have a form of epilepsy, and whilst many epilepsy patients manage to live perfectly healthy and safe lives with the condition, there are still 1,000 epilepsy-related deaths per year – 600 of which are attributed to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). Read more

Pregnant women with epilepsy warned about treatment for condition

Women who are pregnant and suffering from epilepsy have been warned that some treatments for the condition may have adverse effects on the brain development of their unborn babies. Read more

Quick-thinking kids praised for response to father’s epilepsy

When Marvin Dyke fell into a serious seizure whilst he was looking after his children alone at home, most children would panic. However, Benjamin, 8, and his sister Alessia, 6, knew exactly what to do after their father started seizing and their perfect response could have helped saved Marvin’s life. Read more

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