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The epilepsy smartwatch that could save lives

Wearable technology has taken off in recent years and only looks set to grow further, with technologies such as contact lenses which measure the amount of blood sugar in your system to a new wearable smartwatch which helps epilepsy patients track and manage their seizures without feeling stigmatized. Read more

Epilepsy ‘cure’ surgery features on BBC Newsnight

About 1% of the UK population have a form of epilepsy, and whilst many epilepsy patients manage to live perfectly healthy and safe lives with the condition, there are still 1,000 epilepsy-related deaths per year – 600 of which are attributed to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). Read more

82% accurate epilepsy detection method developed via crowdsourcing site

A crowdsourcing site has used the power of people and the internet to help launch a new method to detect, predict and prevent epileptic seizures. Read more

Pregnant women with epilepsy warned about treatment for condition

Women who are pregnant and suffering from epilepsy have been warned that some treatments for the condition may have adverse effects on the brain development of their unborn babies. Read more

Evidence shows that vaccinations are not linked to epileptic seizures

Febrile seizures, seizures which are triggered by a high fever, affect roughly 4.5% of children aged between six months and five years. One to two per cent of children who suffer from febrile seizures as a child then go on to develop epilepsy. Read more

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