USA’s top attractions to visit

The USA is according to a recent report the 3rd most visited county by UK citizens in 2010. Such a diverse land with scenery ranging from forests and mountains to bleak deserts and beaches constantly drenched in sunshine, North America is a vast country with lots to see and do, and for those who are planning a visit here is a list of the top ten must see attractions. Read more

20% of Brits don’t bother with travel insurance

A new survey from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has revealed that 20% of British travellers don’t take out holiday insurance before going abroad, many of those who fail to buy travel insurance wrongly believe that health costs are covered by the government even while abroad.

Having an accident or falling ill abroad without a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover your costs could bankrupt you Read more

Cost of falling ill abroad

The winter sun and skiing season are starting and Insurancewith are urging people to remember to take out travel insurance or if you have any medical conditions, holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions.
Latest figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) show that last year travel insurers paid out £375 million to meet the cost of emergency medical treatment for UK travellers who fell ill abroad, breaking this down it is equivalent  to £5.3 million for each week of the year.  According to the ABI this cost has increased by an astonishing 270% over the last six years. Read more

Where to find some winter sunshine before Christmas?

Writing a blog about where to find the best winter sunshine seems a little silly; as I look out of the window I see bright blue skies and people still walking around in their summer clothes, temperatures are reaching 27 degrees in London.  Therefore the answer should be the UK for winter sun, oh how I wish we could always bank on an Indian Summer in the UK, but unfortunately just like our summer weather our autumn weather is unpredictable too.   So where should our travel insurance with medical conditions customers go if they want a guarantee of winter sun? Read more

Travel Insurance is not a luxury, it’s essential

According to travel trade body Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), one in five Britons will jet off abroad this summer without any travel insurance.

Travel insurance is always seen as a grudge purchase and people have a “it will never happen to me” attitude, and therefore risk going abroad without travel insurance, especially if the are only travelling to Europe.
However, going to a foreign country can pose more threats of something going wrong than you would imagine.  For a start there could be a language barrier, coupled with unfamiliar surroundings and should something go wrong, if you fall ill, have an accident, your suitcase goes missing or you have all of your possessions stolen – then you are on your own. Read more
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