UK’s first cancer centre headed by FACT

More great news from our friends at FACT! They’re heading up a £2 million support, awareness and education centre, which will be the first of it’s kind in the UK, providing support and education for hundreds of people each year. Read more

Rare skin cancer can be caused without UV rays

Scientists have found out more about the genetic make-up of the rare acral melanoma, a type of skin cancer which is genetically distinct from other more common types of skin cancer. Read more

Tourism for all logo

Tourism for All

Getting on a train, bus or plane can be something we take for granted when we embark on our much-anticipated holiday abroad, but for those with disabilities it is just another barrier among many when travelling overseas, or even throughout the UK. Read more

Testing for prostate cancer – more harm than good?

Recent research has suggested that regularly testing men for signs and symptoms of prostate cancer could cut deaths from the disease by more than 20 per cent, but some sources have suggested that such a huge number of tests could lead to some treatments being carried out needlessly. Read more

Asthma sufferers urged to take control of their condition

Allergy UK have found that around 75 per cent of 464 people who believe their asthma is only mild or moderate in severity have used up to four reliever inhalers each month, and have urged asthma sufferers to take control of their condition instead of merely seeking relief from the symptoms of their condition during a flare-up. Read more

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