Don’t Get Done In The Sun

I was really pleased to be asked to take part in the above BBC program which was shown yesterday. The episode I was asked to take part in was about medical conditions travel insurance.  The program featured a case study of ours from the Daily Mail  featuring one of our customers, Rita.

Rita had unfortunately been diagnosed with secondary cancer, however the cancer had responded very well to treatment and she was in remission, so you can imagine her shock when she checked the cost of travel insurance including cancer cover to USA using a comparison site and found the premiums offered were all in excess of £1000, far more than the cost of her flight.

Thankfully through Twitter someone recommend that Rita try Insurancewith, which she did and our quote was a far more reasonable £98, she took the policy out and had a wonderful time visiting her Daughter in America. I get asked all the time why Insurancewith is not on any of the comparison sites. The simple answer is the medical screening that ALL of the comparison sites use is just not sophisticated enough to rate a medical travel insurance risk fairly for the consumer. When I first started to develop Insurancewith I wanted to be able to gather more information about the medical risk so we could fairly rate it, and thereby offering the consumer lower premiums, as Rita’s case shows.

If you missed the program, the link is here. Oh and along with Rita’s piece I am also giving advice about finding affordable travel insurance with medical conditions cover.

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